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My philosophy

There's a very fine line between too much and just enough permanent makeup.... It is MY job, to find that fine line - for you!
Every client has different skin types. Every client has a different metabolism. Every client will heal at a different rate than the last... Some are on medications that slow down healing, others may some smoke - which also blocks sucessful healing and others are on nutritional supplements, which could benefit the process or impede it. So there is no one scenario that 100% dictates how successfully a person will heal and how much pigment each person will retain. For this reason, there CAN BE NO GUARANTEES... and I treat each process as experimental until I GET TO KNOW YOUR SKIN.

I DO NOT DO BROW PERMANENT COSMETICS THE WAY MANY OTHERS DO... Most people apply MORE on the first session (with the expectation that it will fade...enough). Then the plan is to add a little more at the touch up... But what if it doesn't fade... enough? I like to get your brows to a pretty place and let them heal - THEN fill in sparse areas after I see how your skin reacts.

I realize you don't want to come in and pay and have nothing to show for it... But if you can link your mind, with mine ~ you'll begin to realize too, that PMU IS A PROCESS! And that taking baby steps (mainly on brows and paramedical procedures) makes for softer, more beautiful results in the end - and just makes a LOT more sense!

PRICE SHOPPING: THERE ARE MANY OTHER PLACES IN TOWN THAT OFFER LOWER PRICES. But, before settling, please make sure that the person who is about to tattoo something on your FACE, can actually draw the same thing, on paper! If you're not
sure if they can... Just ask them to. : ) CHEAP WORK IS RARELY GOOD ~ GOOD WORK IS NEVER CHEAP. I am happy to discuss payment plans. And soon, you too can end your war with shifting brows, smeared eyeliner and vanishing lips! Just imagine how great it would feel, to be free from those worries - and have the confidence that you are in REALLY GOOD HANDS!
Well, if you DON'T get permanent makeup, you will surely be stuck with plain! (insert chirping crickets here...)
Really, there is nothing to worry about (if things are done right...) Because NO PERMANENT MAKEUP should be so overwhelming that you can't enhance it every day with a little something DIFFERENT... If you DO get permanent makeup, you're going to look
"better" than you would, if you had no makeup on at all. And that feels pretty good on those days when you don't have time to apply make up ...or just don't feel like it.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent? Honestly, It's ALL considered permanent because it will not smear or wash off, but some techniques are applied more superficially, creating softer and more natural looking results, while others are darker and longer
lasting. The down side to the soft is that it fades faster than traditional tattoos. The downside to the darker application is that it can look too harsh.

Great Candidates for permanent makeup include . . .
• Women allergic to traditional cosmetics.
• Those who have lost motor skills, and can no longer apply their own makeup.
• Busy Professionals, who have limited time.
• Women with oily skin who struggle to keep their makeup in place.
• Athletes, gardeners, swimmers who want to look good, but not totally made up.
• Men and women who have facial scars, especially in the brow area.
• People with other scarring due to injury or post surgical scarring.
• Women who have had mastectomies or breast augmentation surgeries.




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