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Benefits of PMU

When correctly applied... Permanent Cosmetics can help save a lot of time and aggravation! Try it today!

...and I can help get you there. You'll look better, younger and consistently feel a little less stressed!

My goal... is to provide you with enough information to help you make the best choices! Don't be confused by all the terminology out there... Micropigmentation, Intradermal Cosmetics, Interdermal-pigmentation and Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement are all just other names that have been created to use instead of the word TATTOO. Any many who go this route also place great emphasis on expensive machinery to elevate your feeling of the what the process REALLY is... a TATTOO!

THE BENEFITS OF PERMANENT MAKEUP... How can it help you? Would you like to carve off a few minutes from your daily routine? How about NOT losing your eyebrows in the pool or fighting with smeared eyeliner or pale lips? Or maybe there And do you think that eyeliner pencil is working for you? Maybe for today. But after years of stretching and tugging on the thinnest skin on your body, what do you get? Wrinkles! But with Permanent Eyeliner, you can help slow down that aging process! This thin skin gets more and more like tissue paper as we age. At some point, it will just stop snapping back... . Aging eyelids also make it more difficult to get the eyeliner nice and even.


  • Do you have oily skin that absorbs your makeup?
  • Would you enjoy having your makeup stay put during sports? 
  • Do you have sparse or non existent brows or lashes?
  • Are you allergic to traditional cosmetics?
  • Would you prefer to not be seen without makeup?
  • Do you wear contacts or sensitive eyes?
  • Does your lipstick creep up your lips onto your face?
  • Never again lose your eyebrows in the pool!
  • Does your lipstick vanish during your meal?
  • Stop fighting smudged eyeliner and those pale lips!
  • Do you have trouble applying your own makeup?
Never again have to explain, why you have that scar in your
  • eyebrow!
  • Have you undergone and areola reconstruction.
  • Would you like to redefine your facial features?
  • Wake up looking better each morning!
  • Are your areolas too light?
  • Carve off a few minutes from your daily routine!
Have you lost hair due to ALOPECIA or CANCER
  • Do you like to wear makeup... but hate to fuss with it
    throughout the day?
Do you have VITILIGO and has it been stabile (non moving)
  • for at least 7 years?
  • Would you like to go swimming without smeared eyeliner?
  • VISION IMPAIRED people who have difficulty applying their
  • Are you a man who has a brow scar... or sparse brows or
    even no brows at all... Maybe you would just like for your
    features to be slightly enhanced without looking made up...
    It's possible... Just give me a call to discuss the options
    open to you.
  • MOTOR IMPAIRED people including those with Arthritis,
Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke Survivors, or
anyone with unsteady hands will definitely benefit.