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It is very important to read and think about the following before booking any procedure.

Most people are... However, you should NOT consider cosmetic tattooing if you experience any of the following conditions:

  • INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETIC (high blood sugar)
  • HEMOPHILIAC (bleeding disorder)
  • ACTIVE INFECTION (staff or impetigo)

There may be other medical issues that may prevent you from a successful procedure. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE CARE OF A DOCTOR, YOU SHOULD INQUIRE IF YOU  ARE A CANDIDATE FOR COSMETIC TATTOOING.

Also, you should be aware that medications may (or may not)  have a negative affect and may result in premature fading and/or the need for multiple touch up sessions.

I have been thinking about getting permanent eyeliner for a long time, and did a lot of research before I chose Permetika.  I'm very happy with the work Connie did, she is very professional, takes good care of her client, explains everything, she's a true perfectionist, does beautiful work, and is very careful making sure everything is sterile, super clean. She also has a very informative website.

Today, I got my eyebrows tattooed by Connie. She did an awesome job. She explained everything she did and was very patient and knowledgeable about the process of tattooing eyebrows. I was very impressed with her work.
Thank you Connie for a job well done. I have received so many compliments already!

 Thank you Dominique!!!!




 PERMÉTIKA Cosmetic Specialties is NOT the place for "bargain permanent makeup." Do you really want to pay the lowest price for something permanent on your FACE?

THE STATE OF TEXAS does NOT require a license to perform permanent cosmetics. The only requirement is that the technician work in a licensed facility. Sadly, a person's training or experience does NOT factor in. Anyone can do it, without passing a test of any kind. So, if you think it's expensive to hire a cosmetic professional, just hire an amateur! Because bad Permanent Makeup STAYS BAD until it is removed or artistically altered.

Permanent Makeup is considered permanent mainly because you cannot wash it off. However, because pigments are blended with your skin, color may not stay and may need to be refilled or adjustmetns may need to be made. There are other issues that affect the appearance of your procedure. The number 1 long term culprit is sun exposure! So protect your investment by using sunscreen every day.  Also, changing health conditions, smoking, medications, anti-aging products, and hormonal changes all can have an effect on your pigment retention. You should keep your follow up visit since it helps prolong the look. Then, at some point in the future, usually several years after your initial procedure, you will want to refresh your color, which I offer at a 20% discount.


This is a very thin line at the base of the lashes. The purpose is not necessarily to look like eyeliner. It does however, make your eyelashes appear to be thicker because the base is more filled out. Great for the sports enthusiast who doesn't want to look faded out - but would rather not look too made up either.


Pigment is carefully applied to the wet line between the lashes and the eye. Any color can be used as an accent color to compliment your eye color.


Volume liner begins with a Natural Lash Enhancement to fill in the base line of the lashes. Then a secondary line (in the shape of your choice) is created for additional dimension to the eye. Tail or no tail.. its up to you.

Upper or Lower Lids Only (deduct $100 from price)



This is the cornerstone for almost every brow procedure. This step alone, is sufficient for those who have plenty of brow hair, but still use a brow pencil or shadow to create a more polished look.


Using featherlike strokes only, with no background fill. This procedure is good to fill in eyebrow scars and patchiness in the brow.


This process starts with the powder fill brows and finishes off with beautiful hairline strokes that are so natural looking you feel like you could actually move the hairs around. But you can't because they're permanent!


Uses any of the above techniques, and the focus is to create symmetry in cases where unique is not flattering. For example: See Porfolio of Balanced Brow pics.


Dr. Stephen Mahoney is a long-time Houstonian graduating from Memorial High School. He then attended and graduated with honors from the University of Notre Dame. He received his M.D. from the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, Texas and then completed his Dermatology residency at the University of Texas at Houston. During this time, he has received extensive training in medical and surgical Dermatology as well as Dermatopathology and Cosmetic Dermatology including Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra and laser treatments. He has been in private practice, owning West Houston Dermatology since July of 1993.

Dr. Sabrina A. Lahiri received her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Medicine. Following medical school, Dr. Lahiri finished General Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Her Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training was completed at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida. She is double boarded by The American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

John LoMonaco, M.D., F.A.C.S., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Body Sculpting Specialist. Advanced cosmetic and plastic surgery in Houston, Texas. With ample experience in body contouring, minimal scar breast implants, "mommy makeovers", breast lift without implants, tummy tucks, and more.Attended Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and received his board certification in Plastic Surgery during his first year of practice. Featured Surgeon on HBO's BIG MEDICINE