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 PERMÉTIKA Cosmetic Specialties is NOT the place for "bargain permanent makeup." Do you really want to pay the lowest price for something permanent on your FACE?

THE STATE OF TEXAS does NOT require a license to perform permanent cosmetics. The only requirement is that the technician work in a licensed facility. Sadly, a person's training or experience does NOT factor in. Anyone can do it, without passing a test of any kind. So, if you think it's expensive to hire a cosmetic professional, just hire an amateur! Because bad Permanent Makeup STAYS BAD until it is removed or artistically altered.

And by the way, how much is your health worth to you? Cosmetic tattooing can change your life for the good OR the bad, depending on the experience. You could leave with no problems at all... or you could contract a disease like Hepatitis. Its better to invest in a company that will not leave you bewildered with regret.

A well established Micropigmentation Specialists will normally have a central location and they don't move around from place to place and we DON'T hold parties in people's homes. Dedicated professionals will take time to create beauty, use anesthetics properly to avoid pain, and disinfect correctly to prevent disease transmission. You CAN enjoy permanent makeup without regrets if you choose a true, Certified Professional instead of seeking low prices. Aren't you worth it for the extra quality and safety?

Permétika Cosmetic Specialties will provide natural looking work that is customized to your satisfaction. Safe equipment is used and OSHA infection control standards are strongly adhered to. Medical strength topical anesthetics make procedures extremely tolerable, if not totally pain free!


Consultations are informational only and last approximately 15-30 minutes. Due to limited time, a consultation does not include any design work. (See optional upgrade paragraph below.) A consultation for permanent makeup is recommended, but not required. We welcome friends or family to join in... We ask for the courtesy of at least a 24 hours notice of cancellation or to reschedule a consultation.

  • Complimentary consultation, which includes procedure explanation and list of preparation steps.
  • Complete medical history evaluation.
  • Analysis of facial shape, symmetry and features
  • Custom makeup designing based upon analysis with YOUR approval of final design
  • Custom blending of pigments—for the desired color that YOU want.
  • Medical strength topical anesthetics before and during procedure for minimal discomfort.
  • New disposable procedure supplies.
  • All surfaces protected like a Dental office.
  • New disposable sterile safety needles and cartridges—no "parts" to worry about.
  • Allergy patch testing is optional, but recommended at least 5 days prior to your appointment.
  • Before and after photos will be taken for your file and will be sent to you upon request.
  • Documentation of color formulas and procedure notes for future visits.

Optional Makeup Design Appointment
A free consultation allows just enough time to answer questions, show photos of past and current work, and schedule a procedure. All makeup procedure appointments allow enough time for very detailed design work and approval before tattooing.

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